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Last time we touched Nilgris Valley

After hibernating for months and months, we decided to wind up 2009 with a quick trip to Nilgris.  Headed to Ooty in the wee hours of 25th Dec'09 and with out wasting much time, we landed in Masinagudi by post lunch; after a quick nap and scrumptious meal, we joined our local guide Sasikumar for an evening safari. Though sighting wise, we weren't lucky, it turned out to be a pleasant get-away from the typical work and city traffic . Finishing up safari and Masinagudi activities, we drove up the ghat section to reached Ooty by 7

Our final destination for the day was Coonor, which is about 17km from Ooty; but due to recent landslides and pathetic roads, we drove an extra 56km to reach Coonoor by 8.30pm. After all the tiring drive, we entered an age old british bungalow in Quall Hills, where our stay was arranged. A stay there would take one back to centuries where we get to witness the  typical british architectures in terms of chimney design and front-yard layout. All in all very cosy and homely food at your service with a caretaker family who is much bothered on how to serve you better

Ooty/Coonor was in its heights - in terms of the weather and recent calamities. While driving around, we could see traces of huge landslides leaving behind brown and empty patches between lush green tea estates, some of the roads and rail tracks were completely ripped off  bringing public transportation to a complete standstill which affected the tourism calender of this hill station. People there showed great attitude and spirit in reforming this mess back in to a city known for its beauty and landscape

Days tend to be  shorter here with lack of proper sunlight and evenings were cut-short with pitch darkness. Over all a day dominated by lousy mist and fog everywhere; not to mention we have seen people marching towards view points to see nothing but snow ;-) 

Over all a weeks stay there is something which i see as a memorable one and there we witnessed 2009 slowly sliding away, giving way for energetic predecessor 2010 - Happy New Year Guys!

Below are some of the memories of the trip which i have captured during our evening walks in and around tea valleys




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